27 Warden Street, Riversdale
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Things to do in and around Riversdale, Western Cape - The floral paradise of the Garden Route

Riversdale - capital of the Hessequa Region:

Hessequa is a Khoikhoi word meaning “the people of the trees”, and if you say the name aloud, it sounds like a satisfied sigh in anticipation of exploring the area’s hamlets and harbours, feeling your all-too-familiar tension just melt away…
Hessequa is East of the Overberg Mountains which seperate the Overberg region from the Little Karoo, and attracts whale watchers, beach and nature lovers and those with a sense of adventure.  Many of our towns are part of the Cape Floral Region World Heritage Site, and have some amazing floral hotspots.
A great area for:

  • Mountain Hiking trails
  • Water Sports and Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Wild flowers
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Gym
  • Golf – Riversdale Golf Club
  • Tennis – Riversdale Tennis Courts
  • Squash – Riversdale Squash Courts
  • Bass  and rock fishing

Birding in Hessequa:

With so much unspoilt nature and zero big industry, you can imagine how our feathery friends flock to the region.

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Riversdale – an abundance of Cape fynbos

Our much loved town boasts a flower show in September each year to showcase specifically our Proteas and Ericas, and you would not be amiss to ink this into your calendar right now.

Sleeping Beauty hike

“After many years of planning to, but never getting around to doing this hike – we have finally done it!  For those who do not know, this hike is named after the mountain range that actually looks like Sleeping Beauty lying on her back, asleep.  Rest assured – she does not feel asleep at all when you are climbing her neck!...”
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The Old Jail / Die Ou Tronk 

Take a stroll through this remarkable building featuring loads of antiques and crafts, undoubtedly one of the oldest in town, and a bona fide jail from days gone by.  It was built in 1838 by the Barry family of Swellendam, who used it as a trading store.  During 1860 the government bought the premises and turned it into a jail, and a replica of the gallows tells the story of the only hanging that took place there.
Read more about its history here.

Other local restaurants include:
The Green Lime
Central Boutique Hotel
Mountain Ridge Spur
Dam Restaurant
Nibbling Squirrel
La Bella Restaurant
Ou Meul Restaurant

How about admiring Antiques and exquisite Art?

Julius Gordon Africana Centre:

This internationally recognised centre was built in 1880, and houses the largest collection of Thomas Bowler paintings in South Africa.  Included in the permanent exhibition are works by Jan Volschenk and Johannes Meintjes, Irma Steyn, Pierneef, Maggie Loubser, Gregorie Boonzaaier, Erich Mayer, Terence McCaw, Ruth Prowse and Pieter Wenning.
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More crafts can be enjoyed at:
Bali Trading:
Sleeping Beauty Traders • Caboodles for babies and kiddies • Playground for little people • Rooi Aalwyn Coffee Shop
Cat’s Paw Pottery
La Bella Crafts
The Old Jail

In the mood for some wine tasting?

Baleia Bay Cellar
Jakkalsfontein – on one of the most beautiful drives you can imagine

Albertinia – Aloe Capital

Just a small skip away from Riversdale, lies the town of Albertinia with its temperate climate and rocky outcrops.  This gorgeous area is simply ablaze with the fiery red blooms of Aloes between May and June, also known as Aloe Fox– a sure sight to behold!
Read more on www.explorersgardenroute.co.za

Witsand - Southern right whales

Witsand is located close to the Breede river, and has beautiful white sandy beaches, popular for canoeing, white water rafting and bird watching.  Literally hundreds of whales calve in San Sebastian Bay each year, earning Witsand the title of South Africa’s “whale nursery”.  Look forward to spectacular land-based whale watching between late June and December.

Still Bay – Coastal bliss

This coastal town draws anglers, surfers, birders and archaeology buffs with its ancient fish traps, artefacts and rock art reproductions from the Blombos cave.  Oh so full of surprises, a must-visit is Palinggat Homestead where a fountain pool is home to several endemic freshwater eels, where they have lived for over 125 years. These local celebrities enjoy being hand-fed by visitors every day – isn’t it something you want to try?

Jongensfontein  - surfer’s delight    

Jongensfontein is a choice surf spot and has a really lovely camp site and a perfect area for angling. 

Heidelberg – right below the Langeberg Mountains

This beautifully preserved parish noted for its historic buildings, and the wilderness areas of Grootvaadersbosch and Boosmansbos.  Grootvaadersbosch is known for incredible indiginous tress, bird watching and hiking in the spectacular Langeberg Mountains.

Vermaaklikheid – eco adventures

A stunning spot for swimming, canoeing, fishing, nature walks, mountain biking and bird watching.  This settlement still has and abundance Old Cape Dutch Cottages that will wistfully take you back to yersteryear, as if time stood still here.

Gouritsmond – fish your heart out!

Seaside Gouritsmond reels in anglers and water sport enthusiasts for deep-sea fishing, rubber ducking, and the Gourits River itself offers fishing opportunities is ideal for water-skiing.